The Tyndale Team

Tyndale Advisors has offices in Collierville, Tennessee and Eugene, Oregon. Our team is committed to delivering industry-leading results for our clients.

Tyndale Advisors Team

John Tartaglione
(541) 762-1100

Raised in the ‘Big Apple’, John spent his formative years absorbing every style of media available to him. Movies, television, radio and print all became grist to his creative mill. In order to refine his ideas, he attended the prestigious School of Visual Arts and gleaned all the knowledge and technique he could lay his hands on.

John came to the Pacific Northwest, twenty-four years ago and never looked back. Since landing in Eugene, he has spent the better part of twenty years as an on-air personality at many of the local radio stations. There, amongst other talents, he became a noted copywriter, producer and voice talent. Crafting sharp, humorous and above all informative commercials that stood out from the noise.

“In my opinion, advertising, even the most informative advertising, is worthless unless it grabs the imagination and holds on!"

Now John has taken the breadth of his experience and joined the Tyndale Advisors team. The future is looking up.
In his free time, John continues to learn and perfect his craft…he also enjoys books, movies and coffee.

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