The Tyndale Team

Tyndale Advisors has offices in Collierville, Tennessee and Springfield, Oregon. Our team is committed to delivering industry-leading results for our clients.

Tyndale Advisors Team

Kevin BengeultKevin Bengeult
Graphic Designer

Kevin Bengeult is an experienced Graphic Designer at Tyndale Advisors, where Kevin creates and develops digital marketing materials, including UX/UI design, web design, and email promotions.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Arts (Graphic Design Major) from International Academy of Design and Technology and has worked in the marketing industry for the better half of a decade, assisting local and national brands such as McLendon Hardware, Zumiez, and Kevin now improves the hardware industry with effective marketing collateral to support the growth of sales and brand awareness.

Kevin currently resides in Seattle, where he escapes the digital realm by being an outdoor enthusiast—exploring the Pacific Northwest with his two four-legged fur babies.

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