The Tyndale Team

Tyndale Advisors has offices in Memphis, Tennessee and Springfield, Oregon. Our team is committed to delivering industry-leading results for our clients.

Matthew Ridings
Brand Manager
(541) 654-8270

As one of the newest additions to the Tyndale Advisor’s Brand Manager teams, Matthew is quickly catching onto the inner workings between the Brand Manager teams and the Creative Development teams. Growing his understanding of how the combined efforts of both teams quickly and efficiently accomplish the day’s goals

Matthew is at the beginning of his professional career, learning about the ever-changing field that Tyndale Advisors operates in. Though, he is not un-experienced. Having gained knowledge through owning his own small painting company and working in seasonal construction and carpentry, Matthew understands the importance of good client-contractor relationship.

Matthew recently graduated from the University of Montana by completing a 2-fold degree in Management Information Systems and International Business with a certificate in big data analysis. He looks to bring a different view to the table.

In his free time Matthew enjoys just about any activity that can be found outdoors, from hiking and fishing to jumping out of perfectly good planes. When not outdoors he is an enthusiast for the newest video games and cutting edge technology. He will have a lot of opportunities here in Eugene, OR, as he preps for his significant other to move out west with him.

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